Like most companies, Benefit Mortgage’s origin was a vision of its founder. While working for a large national mortgage servicer, Rick Yeager knew there was a better, more transparent way to serve people and make their dream of homeownership and financial security a reality. Rick has infused his 30 plus years of mortgage experience into Benefit and its team and the results show. Whether you are looking to purchase a home, refinance your current mortgage, or enhance your retirement planning by securing a reverse mortgage, Benefit has the experience and knowledge to assist you in making the correct decisions for your own personal situation.


For many, their home is their largest asset so advising people on managing that asset is an enormous responsibility. Facilitating a mortgage for someone is not a one-off experience, but an opportunity to provide valuable insight for many years to come. Benefit has helped countless homeowners not only obtain their first home, but proficiently utilize their mortgage as a financial tool from early adulthood to retirement planning.


When allowing Benefit to assist in the advancement of your goals, you will not only receive excellent support during the original process, but lifelong service. It is very common for our clients to lean on us for mortgage advice throughout homeownership and grace us with the honor of serving their family as they mature and become homeowners themselves. The financial well-being of our clients is our number one priority and it motivates and directs everything we do at Benefit!



Rick Yeager earned a BA in Political Science with a business specialization from UCLA and an MBA from Los Angeles Pacific University. Soon after obtaining his BA, Mr. Yeager acquired his California Department of Real Estate Sales License and began his finance career as a loan officer for a large mortgage brokerage, West Coast Financial (WCF). It was during his tenure at WCF that Mr. Yeager made the common mistakes that many recent college graduates (who think they know it all) make, turned failures into learning opportunities, and honed his finance and customer service skills.


After several extremely rewarding years at WCF, Mr. Yeager joined a small group of executives to launch the Los Angeles Portfolio Retention Division of National City Mortgage (NCM), the 6th largest loan servicer in the country at the time. By Mr. Yeager’s 2nd year, he led a team of over three-hundred loan officers in production and earned several National awards. During Mr. Yeager’s successful run at NCM, he obtained his California Department of Real Estate Brokers License and, upon realizing he had accomplished all he could at NCM, in 2004 opened his own mortgage brokerage company. Mr. Yeager is the proud father of two successful daughters and lives with his Wife, Helena Cepeda, in Marina del Rey, California.