Reverse Mortgage



Welcome to Benefit Mortgage’s reverse mortgage information center. Since you’re here, you’re probably considering taking a step towards peace of mind and financial freedom in your retirement years. In the back of your mind, you may be concerned that you don’t have enough for a comfortable retirement, especially if one gets sick, or major expenses crop up. One of the toughest things we see at Benefit Mortgage is when our clients come to us and their quality of life has significantly diminished because, due to lack of knowledge, they are afraid to take advantage of their reverse mortgage opportunity. While it’s usually never too late to qualify for a reverse mortgage, we do encourage you to get answers to your questions and find out about your options sooner rather than later.


If you’re like most of our clients, you’re seeking understanding of how reverse mortgages work and if your circumstances will be improved by taking one. We can answer that for you.


One of Benefit Mortgage’s primary missions is to educate experienced homeowners on how to use a reverse mortgage safely as a retirement tool. We’ve helped countless homeowners proficiently utilize their home equity as an element of their retirement portfolio. In many instances, when managed as recommended, a reverse mortgage can protect your retirement assets and extend your financial longevity.


We are passionate about educating people on how to include home equity as a non-correlated asset into their retirement planning; we believe tax-free home equity should not be thought of any differently than any other retirement account. Used responsibly, a reverse mortgage can provide financial security today and still increase one’s legacy tomorrow.


There are so many misconceptions about a reverse mortgage and, unfortunately, they are preventing people from utilizing the incredible benefits that are available to them. Too many homeowners are denying themselves the piece-of-mind that comes from knowing you have access to a liquid security/retirement fund and have insured yourself against future unforeseen events and expenses.


The facts are:

  • You keep title to your home
  • You or your heirs control and maintain the equity in your home
  • You can sell or pay off the loan at any time without any penalty
  • Payments are optional – you can make, or not make, as many payments as you wish
  • You can remain in your home for the rest of your life


I know what you may be thinking; what about the cost and rising loan amount? First off, let’s make a couple of things abundantly clear: because one has the option of whether to make monthly payments, they control their loan balance. Secondly, all forms of retirement liquidity have costs; drawing down on a retirement account can cause tax liabilities, will deplete the balance, and limit the account’s growth. Selling property will prevent you and your heirs of benefiting from future appreciation (the annual national average since the 1960’s is 4%). Leaving a large sum in a savings account will result in inflation erosion (on average, about 3% a year). When one compares retirement cash-flow cost options, it’s not uncommon to discover that a reverse mortgage (especially in the form of a line-of-credit) is by far the most cost-effective solution!


Don’t let lack of knowledge prevent you from making decisions; call Benefit Mortgage today and ask us to explain how to use a reverse mortgage as a retirement and risk management tool and request our free information guide.



Rick Yeager earned a BA in Political Science with a business specialization from UCLA and an MBA from Los Angeles Pacific University. Soon after obtaining his BA, Mr. Yeager acquired his California Department of Real Estate Sales License and began his finance career as a loan officer for a large mortgage brokerage, West Coast Financial (WCF). It was during his tenure at WCF that Mr. Yeager made the common mistakes that many recent college graduates (who think they know it all) make, turned failures into learning opportunities, and honed his finance and customer service skills.


After several extremely rewarding years at WCF, Mr. Yeager joined a small group of executives to launch the Los Angeles Portfolio Retention Division of National City Mortgage (NCM), the 6th largest loan servicer in the country at the time. By Mr. Yeager’s 2nd year, he led a team of over three-hundred loan officers in production and earned several National awards. During Mr. Yeager’s successful run at NCM, he obtained his California Department of Real Estate Brokers License and, upon realizing he had accomplished all he could at NCM, in 2004 opened his own mortgage brokerage company. Mr. Yeager is the proud father of two successful daughters and lives with his Wife, Helena Cepeda, in Marina del Rey, California.